Excluding yourself from analytics

By default, once you add PoeticMetric script on your website, PoeticMetric tracks every visitor. But you might want to exclude yourself and your team from affecting the statistics.

You might be familiar with this process and look for a way to ignore some IP addresses on the PoeticMetric interface. However, since we don't collect, encrypt or process IP addresses as a privacy feature, IP address filtering is not available on PoeticMetric. Instead, you will need to set a localStorage flag to let the tracker script know, and it will exclude you and stop event collection.

tl;dr, to exclude yourself:

  1. Go to your website, which you have the PoeticMetric script installed.

  2. Open your browser's javascript console.

    • For Google Chrome, you can select View > Developer > JavaScript Console (screenshot). Or press Command + Option + J on MacOS, Control + Shift + J on Windows, Linux and Chrome OS.

    • For Safari, first, you need to enable Developer tools. Then you can select Develop > Show JavaScript Console (screenshot). Or press Command + Option + C.

    • For Mozilla Firefox, you can select Menu > More tools > Browser console (screenshot). Or press Command + Shift + J on MacOS, Control + Shift + J on Windows.

  3. Then paste this and press enter:


Well done! From now on, as soon as you have this flag in your localStorage your events from this browser will be ignored. If you use multiple browsers, don't forget to do this in each one.