Privacy-first, regulation compliant
Google Analytics alternative

PoeticMetric is a free as in freedom, open source, privacy-first and
regulation-compliant website analytics tool.

Get insights that matter

With PoeticMetric's comprehensive and user-friendly analytics, say goodbye to confusing and cluttered reports, and hello to straightforward insights that are easy to understand and actionable. With PoeticMetric, you're in complete control of your data and your privacy. No more worrying about behavioral marketing or surveillance capitalism – your data belongs to you, and you alone.
Easy integration
Integrating with your website or application is a breeze. Get up and running in no time. Single page applications built tools like React.js, Vue.js and Angular are supported without any additional effort.
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Simple analytics, user-friendly reports
Simple, clear and easy to understand reports, without overwhelming you with unnecessary details. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced data analyst, you'll appreciate the clarity of our reports.
100% data ownership
You have complete ownership of your data. There's no behavioral marketing or surveillance capitalism, giving you peace of mind that your privacy is being protected.
API and data exporting
API and data exporting capabilities for you to access your data and use it however you need, whether it's for further analysis or integration with other tools.
Collaboration made easy
PoeticMetric is team-ready, making it easy for multiple people to work together and collaborate on website performance analysis and optimization.
Publicly sharable reports
You can choose to make your site's analytics reports publicly accessible. Sharing with partners? OK. Showcasing? Also OK.
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